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Why some athletes dope and others don’t?

Understanding the fundamental differences between athletes who choose to compete clean and those who resort to doping – despite being well aware of the rules and harmful effects and social consequences – will assist in ensuring that doping prevention strategies are effective and efficient.

[su_spacer size=”20″]WADA recently published an overview of the research that has been done in this area and what we know (and don’t know) about doping behaviour thus far. This video animation provides a nice summary of the potential influencers of doping behavior.


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[su_spacer size=”10″]To further help our understanding of why some athletes dope whilst others don’t we need more research. SAIDS would like to invite elite-level athletes to complete the WADA survey questionnaire – it is anonymous so you need not provide your name. Contact to send you an electronic or printed copy of the questionnaire (a return postage will be provided). Your input can help create better prevention strategies and ultimately help protect clean athletes!