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Which substance was added to the prohibited list in 2024?

Which substance was added to the prohibited list in 2024?

a. Caffeine
b. Tramadol
c. None of the above

“Winning Answer: B – Tramadol”

More information on tramadol:
Tramadol is an opioid used as a treatment for moderate to severe pain. Tramadol can also cause negative side effects, such as physical dependence, opiate addiction, and overdose issues, which pose a health risk to athletes. In addition, some studies suggest that tramadol may enhance physical performance in certain sports.

Learn More:
For detailed information on tramadol visit The South African Institute for Drug-Free Sport website for valuable insight into the risks associated with tramadol and the importance of staying informed about prohibited substances and methods.

Key Points:

  • Be aware of and understand the risks of inadvertent doping related to tramadol usage
  • Speak with their medical professional and athlete support personnel to ensure they are aware of the change in status for tramadol
  • Explore the options for a non-prohibited alternative with their medical professional
  • Check the competition and the IF rules to understand when the in-competition period begins
  • Prepare a complete medical file in case a TUE is needed and check with their NADO, RADO, IF, or MEO for the TUE application process
  • Learn more about the Prohibited List and TUEs on ADEL
  • You can access the latest updates and guidelines on prohibited substances: What athletes and athlete support personnel need to know about tramadol

Stay Informed, Stay Competitive!

Winning in sports goes beyond the field; it’s about making informed choices. Visit the link above to ensure you’re up-to-date on prohibited substances and methods like tramadol.

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