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WADA releases ‘Say NO! To Doping’ clip

The World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA) has released a ‘Say NO! To Doping’ video clip as the latest element in an awareness campaign that is fast gaining worldwide support.

The ‘Say NO! To Doping’ campaign emphasizes the key sporting messages of courage, respect, effort and to accept challenges and is designed so international and national sports organizations can unite behind it in support of clean sport.

To-date, 16 organizations worldwide have embraced the ‘Say NO! To Doping’ campaign, including the UK Anti-Doping Agency and organizers of the London 2012 Olympic Games.

The 30-second clip emphasizes the true values of sport and delivers a very clear message that genuine sporting success and enjoyment comes only through hard work and fair play, not through doping.

“Say NO! To Doping is a very important feature of our anti-doping awareness and education strategy and our aim is to develop further exposure through this video clip,” said David Howman, WADA Director General.

“It very clearly outlines what we all love about sport and focuses on the simple but highly-important values that clean sport represents.”

The clip is the latest of WADA’s turn-key awareness tools organizations can adopt to create their own anti-doping campaigns.

The clip received high-profile when it was broadcast to fans at the NHL’s All Star Game in Ottawa, Canada.

We encourage stakeholders to use this clip as a starting point to build anti-doping awareness and as a bridge to meaningful and substantive education program.

To watch the clip, please click here.