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Lesson 7 – Athlete Notification

Learning Objectives

At the end of this module you should be able to:

1 – Know how to notify an athlete verbally and in writing.

2 – Know what the rights and responsibilities of an athlete are.

3 – Know when an athlete can delay his/her reporting to the doping control station.

4 – Know when an athlete must have a representative or an interpreter present.


Key Things to Remember

1 – Notification should occur as soon as practicably possible after the athlete finishes the competition.

2 – SCP should be discreet when notifying an athlete.

3 – Plan the approach and timing of the notification.

4 – Introduce yourself to the athlete when notifying him/her, explain the reason you are there and show your SAIDS SCP card and letter of authorisation.

5 – Verbally confirm the athlete’s identity.

6 – Inform the athlete of his/her rights and responsibilities.

7 – Inform the athlete of the location of the doping control station.

8 – Never give an athlete any beverage to drink.



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