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Lesson 5 – In-Competition Testing

Learning Objectives

At the end of this module you should be able to:

1 – Know how to prepare for an in-competition testing mission.

2 – Know what constitutes an appropriate Doping Control Station during an in-competition testing mission setting.


Key Things to Remember

1 – In-competition testing can take place with or without prior notice to the event organizer.

2 – The Lead DCO should arrange a walk-through of the DCS with the SCP team.

3 – The Lead DCO should brief the SCP team before the testing mission commences.

4 – The Lead DCO should debrief the SCP team after the testing mission.

5 – The ratio of SCP to athlete should ideally be 1:1.

6 – The doping control station should be used solely for this purpose during the time that samples are being collected from athletes.



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