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Lesson 4 – Out-of-Competition Testing

Learning Objectives

At the end of this module you should:

1 – Be able to differentiate between the different types of out-of-competition testing.

2 – Know how to conduct a test on an RTP athlete both in and out of his 60-minute time slot.

3 – Know what constitutes an appropriate Doping Control Station during an out-of-competition testing mission setting.


Key Things to Remember

1 – The location of the test mission.

2 – Always read all the specific instructions on the mission order.

3 – If the athlete is an RTP athlete, whether the test must be conducted inside or outside the athletes 60-minute time slot.

4 – A missed test can only be recorded against an RTP athlete if he/she is not located during the 60-minnute time slot.

5 – The SCP should do what is reasonable in the circumstances to try to locate the athlete.



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