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Successful Steroids Raid in Potchefstroom

SAIDS would like to commend the Directorate for Priority Crime Investigation (The Hawks) on the successful raid on a nutritional supplements store in Potchefstroom on Tuesday, 2nd March 2021.

During the raid various consignments of anabolic steroids were seized, destined for the local health and fitness industry.  Many of these steroids also find its way on to the campuses of local schools as well as the local university and are peddled to young athletes, especially rugby players.  Interestingly, a sizeable cache of the veterinary drug, Ivermectin, used for the treatment of COVID-19 only upon strict adherence to SA Health Products Regulatory Authority protocols, was also seized.

SAIDS will continue its investigative role on anabolic steroid trafficking and co-operate and share information with Law Enforcement in order to disrupt the steroid supply-chain to sportspersons, schools and tertiary institutions.