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SAIDS Annual Report 2019/20


The enclosed annual report is a summary presentation of our performance over the 2019/20 financial year. We are pleased that SAIDS has delivered an unqualified audit report on our financial and performance management.

Some interesting facts & figures – At-a-Glance

Doping Control:

  • Urine tests – 1437
  • Blood tests – 202
  • EPO tests – 66
  • Number of Anti-Doping Rule Violations (ADRVs): 54*
    • The names of the athletes involved and their length of sanction are published in the Report
    • 7 of these ADRVs are from Minors: 6 from Rugby Union and 1 from Athletics (their names are redacted)
    • 4 of the ADRVs were “Non-Analytical” (i.e. not related to a “positive test” or “Adverse Analytical Finding”).  An example of a Non-Analytical ADRV would be Evading, Refusing, Failing to Submit to Sample Collection
    • The use of Anabolic Agents are the predominant class of Prohibited Substances implicated amongst the Adverse Analytical Findings (“positives”), constituting the majority of the 54 ADRVs.
    • *2 Cases are Under Appeal and 11 Cases Pending (Athlete names redacted until conclusion of their individual Case / Results Management process).


Anti-Doping Education:

  • 131  In-person Education Events in total (Athletes (jnr & snr) and Support personnel, from School, Academy, Club, University, to Provincial and National level)
    • 108 Workshops
    • 14 Outreach at sporting events
    • 7 Seminars
    • 2 Lectures at tertiary institutions (to students attending sports-related courses)
    • Majority (~60%) of audience feedback stated that the education session exceeded their expectations
  • 1 131  New users registered on the Anti-Doping e-Learning (ADeL) platform
    • 775 Users successfully completed an ADeL course scoring over 80%


More details on our operational and financial performance can be found in the full Annual Report 2019/20.