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Funding available for Social Science Research in Sport Integrity & Anti-Doping

The Social Science Research (SSR) Collaboration Platform, consisting of six different organisations, identified various research themes for which funding has been made available.

Research Themes 

Although each organization of the Collaboration Platform identifies its own specific research priorities, which are outlined in this Communiqué, the overarching research themes that capture our common interests are: 

 Sport integrity 

 Athlete welfare/wellbeing 

 Values education 

 Sport governance and capacity 

 Effectiveness of education 

 Equality and inclusion in sport 

 Athlete environment/influences on behaviour 

 Impact of technology on sport integrity 


Details can be found in the communication below. For South African researchers, the sections under the IOC and Partnership for Clean Competition are of particular relevance.


SSR Collaboration Platform – Social Science Research Communiqué – 23-04-21


Researchers can contact Dr. Amanda Claassen-Smithers, SAIDS Education & Research Manager, for further discussion on research questions of particular value to SAIDS and potential for collaboration –