Can a dietary / sport supplement company have their products APPROVED by SAIDS (or WADA)?

Can a dietary / sport supplement company have their products TESTED by SAIDS (or WADA)?

I really want to bulk up. What is the most effective AND safest route for me to follow?

What foods can I take instead of supplements to bulk-up?

How does a substance or method make it to the prohibited list?

What is the difference between a "specified" and "non-specified" substance’?

Can the use of eye drops lead to a positive doping test?

What is the status of Pseudoephedrine (common in cold & flu meds)?

What can happen to me if my test result is positive because I used medication without knowing that it contained a prohibited substance?

Under the principle of strict liability under anti-doping regulations, as an athlete, you are ultimately responsible for everything that goes into your body, whether it was recommended, prescribed, or even provided by someone else. If an athlete tests positive, the result is a disqualification, and possible sanction or suspension.

How do I know if the medication I am using contains a prohibited substance?

Who can I contact at SAIDS regarding the status of my medication or supplement that I am using if I cannot find it on the "Medication Check" tool?

Who should apply for a Therapeutic Use Exemption (TUE)?

If a team member tests positive after a match, does the team lose points or a cup (if it's a tournament final)?


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