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Decision Rendered in the Aphiwe Dyantyi Doping Case

The South African Institute for Drug-Free Sport (SAIDS) confirms and accepts the decision rendered by the Independent Doping Hearing Panel on the Aphiwe Dyantyi doping matter.  SAIDS received the decision on Thursday, 10th December 2020.


The three-person Panel accepted the guilty plea of the athlete to the doping charge.  They found that the athlete had failed to satisfy the burden of proof to establish that his positive dope test was not intentional.  The Panel relied on the framework for sanctions in the World Anti-Doping Code that outlined a sanction of four years for the doping offense in this matter.


Mr Dyantyi is effectively banned from participating in sport from the date of 13th August 2019 when he was provisionally suspended to 12th August 2023.  The athlete’s rights are reserved to seek relief through lodging an appeal should he believe that he has substantive grounds for an appeal.


SAIDS would like to remind athletes to exercise caution when using sports supplements and to evaluate the risk of these supplements, especially the products that purport to guarantee quick muscle gains and strength without the commensurate strength and conditioning routine.

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