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Chilliboy Ralepelle’s B-sample confirms presence of an anabolic agent (Zeranol)

The B-sample result of Sharks rugby player, Mahlatse Chilliboy Ralepelle, confirmed the presence of the banned substance, Zeranol. Zeranol falls under the category S1 – Anabolic Agents of the Prohibited List 2019, and is prohibited in- and out-of-competition.


During the sample collection process, the athlete divides his sample into an A-sample container (60ml) and a B-sample container (30ml) and seals both containers.  The B-sample container therefore contains the same urine as the A-sample container.

Upon receipt of the athlete’s A and B-samples at the Laboratory, only the A-sample’s seal is broken and the sample is then analysed for banned substances.  When the presence of a banned substance is identified in the A-sample, the athlete is notified and has the option to accept the result or have the B-sample analysed to confirm or invalidate the A-sample result.  Mr. Ralepelle exercised his right to have his B-sample analysed.


The legal representative of the athlete has been informed of the test result.  The athlete now has the option of accepting the result and offering a guilty plea, where after a reasoned decision will be issued explaining the doping sanction.  The athlete may also submit a plea for consideration of a reduced sanction by providing mitigating circumstances.  Should the athlete opt to contest the sample result, a hearing of an independent tribunal panel will be convened to adjudicate over the proceeding and hand down a decision.


SAIDS is only able to further comment on this case after a final decision is rendered.  All doping decisions are disclosed within 21 days of that decision.