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Chantel Rall, I Play Fair ambassador finishes her 2nd IRONMAN

A truly inspiring story of overcoming adversity and in her case, Cancer. A woman that is testament to reaching her milestones with serious dedication and hard work underpinned by playing fair. We’d like to congratulate Chantel Rall for completing her 2nd IRONMAN, she has beaten her time by an hour and half. Well done to all those that competed and the finishers!‪#‎Congratulations‬

Chantel Rall

We’ve borrowed this from Chantel’s personal facebook account and would like to share with all of you:
“A little over two years ago I heard the words: “You are very sick young lady and I don’t know if we will be able to help you”. Fast forward three Ironman 70.3 events and tomorrow I walk on to Hobie Beach for my 2nd full Ironman. I am blessed beyond anything and I am extremely aware of this.
I do this not only for my own selfish addiction of pushing my limits and going further but also for the hundreds of Cancer patients and Cancer survivors. Ironman not only gave me something to fight for but also something to keep me alive. It saved my life. I do this to show those going through the heartache and fear of this disease that anything is possible and that you are able, together with the big man up there, fight this disease and beat it!”

Chantel Rall Ironman 2015 finisher medal
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