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2013 EU survey reveals 10% contamination rate of supplements

2013 EU survey reveals 10% contamination rate of supplements

Johannesburg, 14 August 2013 – A recent 2013 EU study conducted by LGC anti-doping laboratory, HFL Sport Science, where 114 supplement products purchased across Europe were tested, indicated an alarming 10% contamination rate. Amongst the contamination rate twenty banned substance findings were observed with steroids and stimulants such as Methylhexanamine were found in the contaminated supplement samples.

The results were revealed at the South African supplement summit, hosted by HFL Sport Science on Wednesday, 14 August. The summit provided an in-depth discussion by industry leaders including the SA Institute for Drug-Free Sport on the current issue at hand surrounding the sport supplement industry and the ongoing risks athletes take when using sport supplements.

Khalid Galant, CEO of the SA Institute for Drug-Free Sport commented on the summit, “SA Institute for Drug-Free Sport welcomes the presence of HFL Sport Science in South Africa as the issue of supplements affects not only our professional athletes but our schools as well. HFL’s accredited testing programme allows the athlete and youth to make an informed choice.”

The summit sees the launch of Informed-Sport and Informed-Choice to South African market that provides athletes with a risk management and quality assurance programme.

“Whilst we know that the majority of elite athletes will take supplements, most anti-doping organisations do not recommend the use of such supplementation,” says David Hall, previous CEO of HFL Sport Science.

Hall continues to add that the presence of a quality assurance programme in South Africa like Informed-Sport and Informed-Choice provides a trusted solution in the absence of a regulated supplement industry.

“Athletes are governed by strict liability rules therefore they need accredited risk management approach to taking supplements,” concludes David.

HFL research demonstrates without doubt that there is an issue within the supplement industry. Quality assurance programmes such as Informed-Sport and Informed-Choice are voluntary processes for supplement brands, with commitment from a number of high profile supplement brands in South Africa.

The summit will provide improved understanding for both the sporting bodies and the supplement industries, to adopt this voluntary process as a best practice method in place of regulation of supplement industry.

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