Parents’ Guide to Support Clean Sport

The latest social science research* reconfirms what an important and influential role parents play in forming their children’s attitudes to doping.  Parents shape their children’s personal ethics, which then guides their behaviors and their approach to sport (and life)  throughout their career.

The PARENT’S GUIDE TO CLEAN SPORT, developed by the World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA), is a great education tool for parents seeking more information to ensure healthy athletic development and to prevent the use of substances and methods prohibited in sport. This resource is relevant to parents of all levels of athletes, from beginner to elite.

The Guide covers the following topics:

  • Promoting good values
  • Identifying a healthy sport culture
  • Finding balance
  • Nutrition
  • The risks of supplements
  • Doping risk factors
  • Periods when athletes are more vulnerable to doping
  • Preventing the use of prohibited substances
  • Protecting the clean athlete – the doping control process
  • Recognizing possible signs and symptoms of drug use
  • What to do if your child is doping
  • Links to websites are provided  where parents can find further useful information on relevant topics.

“Generally, the athlete-parent relationship is the only one that is a constant throughout an athlete’s career, regardless of the level of involvement or influence of the parent,” said Rob Koehler, WADA Deputy Director General and Director of Education. “Parents need to constantly monitor their child’s environment to identify potential risk factors,” he said.

The Parents’ Guide to Support Clean Sport is intended to assist parents with the right information they need to help guide their children.

*Erickson, K. Backhouse, S.H., & Carless, D. Doping in Sport: Do Parents Matter? Sport, Exercise, and Performance Psychology. Vol 6(2), May 2017, 115-128.