Registered Testing Pool

Establishing the Registered Testing Pool (RTP)


In recognition of the finite resources required by SAIDS to test large groups of sports persons, the RTP is established to distinguish the type and number of athletes who will be subject to our testing programme. This RTP list is mostly limited to those athletes who compete at the highest level, therefore National and/or International level athletes. SAIDS reserves the right to extend its anti-doping programme to athletes who compete below National level.

SAIDS will exercise its own informed judgement/discretion in order to determine the size and composition of its RTP, that will best meet the demands and requirements of the sport codes over which it has anti-doping jurisdiction.



Athletes to be included in SAIDS’s RTP will be selected from the following athletes and sport codes, as defined in the SAIDS 2016 Anti-Doping Rules:

  • Athletes that participate in National Championships, or participate in selection events for National Championships;
  • Athletes with potential to represent South Africa Internationally, or become a member of a National Team;
  • Athletes that represent South Africa Internationally, but are not in an International Federation’s RTP;
  • Athletes that participate in high-risk sport codes, as determined in its assessment of risk for each sport, will be prioritised for their inclusion in the RTP; and
  • Athletes that participate in sport codes where testing during Out-of-Competition periods are essential, will be prioritised for their inclusion in the RTP.


3. Filing “WHEREABOUTS” information

Only RTP athletes are required to update whereabouts (unless otherwise requested). Be sure to read the information leaflet on whereabouts in our Education resource library:

The whereabouts information is essential to anti-doping programs and to show a top-level athlete’s dedication to doping-free sport. It will not only protect you as a 100% clean athlete, but it will also protect the integrity of sport.

  • You will need access to the ADAMS database to update your whereabouts information. Whereabouts must be submitted via ADAMS or by completing the whereabouts form and emailing it to


Submission dates for whereabouts:

Quarter 1

31 December

Quarter 2

31 March

Quarter 3

30 June

Quarter 4

30 September